Riddle Crack – lvl12 ultimate hint

12 This one requires a little bit of googling efforts if you don’t recognize the image in the center of the screen at first glance. And yes, I did all those noises to the image to make the concept harder to be recognized, though I’ve witnessed several ppl instantly made a link between this abstract piece of masterpiece and the original photo. 😝

Okay, here is the trick: you can use google image to search the abstract image and hopefully it will say:”oops, there is no direct result that matches your image, but hey! checkout below images, they look alike!”

If this doesn’t help, I won’t give you a second chance to count how many men is walking in this abstract image and on a weird looking zebra strokes! Why does this have anything to do with automobiles anyway?


Riddle Crack – Bug fix for lvl44


Another bug found and fixed on Android devices: the compass in this level did not response to device’s motions. This is fixed along with the bug in lvl39.

A little hint to this level: Pay attention to the compass, it will show you a hidden tip!


Implementing a chat UI with NGUI scrollView

So, what I was trying to do earlier today was to implement a chat window with Unity and NGUI that follows the standard UX of a chat app, which means it shows messages in a top-down order within the message field and once the messages go off the viewport, it automatically scrolls to the end of the list.

At first I thought this should be as simple as few clicks in the editor, however, it turned out to be tricky and require customizing the NGUI scrollView script.

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Riddle Crack – lvl11 ultimate hint


To crack this level, you need to follow two steps. The first step is to figure out a way to decode the numbers in the first line. After that you need to find the correct format of the answer that this level accepts

I see most of you have figured out the first step correctly, but somehow were stuck at the last step.

As usual, you need to pay attention to everything that is written on the screen. I wouldn’t put anything if it has nothing to do with either the riddle itself or the hint.

You’ve probably noticed already that the words are messed up in this level, but they messed up in an ordered way! Try keeping your answer in the same order when you type it in. Good luck!👻

Riddle Crack – lvl9 ultimate hint

7 Alright, data shows that even the players who had no problem in passing level3 at all, still get stuck at this level, for a loooooong time. Since I am a nice guy, I’d like to shed a light on this one too.

The symbol is a logo of a brand, the correct answer is the name of that brand. The tricky thing is, this brand is pretty new in the industry, well actually the industry is new too. Thus lots of you might have problems in finding that brand out.

Or…unless you are just like me, who is interested in electronic prototyping and will instantly know the logo has something to do with breadboards, resistors, relays and sensors…

Well to be honest, all of the above is bullshit, the ultimate hint to this one is “Google Image”! XD

Riddle Crack – lvl3 ultimate hint

8Ok, I’ve noticed over 60% of players had some difficulties solving level3. And here is an ultimate hint to the riddle.

As most of you already figured out that the missing ones are “F” “O” and “U”, the only thing left to be solved is how in the hell that “FOU” can be flying?

Apparently it doesn’t, but wait a min, what if I re-arrange the order of the letters? what if it’s not “FOU” but “OFU” or … …

There you go, you’ll be seeing this trick again in later levels 😛